When adding this subject to our navigation board and opening a division on our domain with this title it certainly caused us more than just a strange frisson of excitement. This duo however would probably be covered by the French "idiom" which translates badly-"faire l'ecole buissonnieres" not that Lochend Woods were our destination, rather the Dump or Snooker Hall provided us with an extra-curricular version of secondary education.

Nevertheless this category with its proposed attendant chronologically arranged "Rogues Gallery" of group photographs has a great appeal and has been approached with more than a degree of relish because of all the friends made and collective experiences during a vital decade of ones life.

Many thanks are extended to Mrs Lena Glass for her permitting us to publish online her book "FROM SLATE TO DISK" which will be the bedrock of this category. This volume will be "published" bi-monthly in three tranches over the next six months. Also associated photographs of both staff and pupils will be uploaded at regular intervals over the coming 2 years.

It is indeed an opportune time to launch this section of the site with the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Sailors Park Dunbar Grammar in October this year, the new upper primary's inauguration at Lochend in the autumn plus the 60th anniversary of Allans' Primary School (the 50th anniversary virtually went unnoticed) later this year.

What a veritable feast of education to commemorate.