Francis Reginald Wingate

Roy Pugh's beautifully crafted (as is his wont) impeccably researched biography of Dunbar's most illustrious son (adopted) was published quite recently and is available both from the publishers (see facsimile of reverse of volume for web site) and at "The Lilac Tree" on Dunbar's High Street - opposite West Port - and there are also available a small number of copies of John V. Harris's "Dunbar Golf "

Mr Pugh has kindly supplied us with a precis of Wingate Pasha's life q.v. (below)

This biography is certainly a boon to our selves at a1historydunbar because (The Sirdar) was a character we quite definitely would have to have featured on our online history and Roy Pugh's magnum opus is an answer to our prayers and saved us testing once more our, at times, dubious literary skills.