The T.T. Bisset Archive

We are delighted to be able to include, courtesy of Robert Bisset, the Thomas Taylor Bisset postcard collection on our site. Rob wishes it to be known that he is pleased to put his archive online, in the public domain, but issues a disclaimer where he disavows any connection with the supposed, politically persuasive or protest potion of the L.A.D.D.S of Dunbar or indeed any empathy with what could be "the message", subliminal or otherwise of the aforementioned group.

Thomas Taylor Bisset
May 21 1876 – Feb 2 1943

Tom was a native of Dunbar, where he lived all his life. He was an enthusiastic photographer, recording many instances of local life in the town of Dunbar and modestly supplemented his income as a postal worker by producing various series of postcards for sale to the public for a period of over thirty years.
      He spent all his working life in the Postal service and was awarded the Imperial Service Medal upon his retirement, after 46 years of service. He was known as a man of outstanding ability and intelligence and was also renowned for his kindliness and desire to be helpful to others. He had a great love for the town of Dunbar and was deeply interested in its history. It was claimed by others that no one was better versed in it and he was a source of knowledge to many outsiders regarding the historic places in the town and its neighbourhood. He also advised people from various, distant locations regarding information about their relatives who had long ago left the district.
      Tom was associated with many organisations in the town. He was assistant honorary secretary of the Dunbar and Skateraw Lifeboat branch for 46 years, turning out to coordinate rescue services at all hours of day and night and also played a prominent part in carrying out the Lifeboat Flag Day arrangements. The RNLI presented him with a painting of a shipwreck as recognition of his services. Some of the other organisations that he was associated with were the Shipwrecked Mariners Society, the Lifesaving Society, Dunbar Philanthropic Society, Dunbar Mutual Savings Society, the Observer Corps, the British Legion, Dunbar Castle Masonic Lodge, the ancient Order of Foresters (Court Star of the East), the Lads Naval Brigade (swimming instructor), the Temperance Society and the Postal Workers Union (Branch Honorary Secretary). He served in the First World War, having several narrow escapes, but ultimately returning home unscathed.
      His variety of interests, his compassion for humanity and his unwavering good nature brought him a wide circle of friends. In fishing circles along much of the local coast he was a well-known and popular personality. He was known to have made contact with John Muir, the conservationist, exchanging letters, photographs and books with each other.