Daly's Corner Quiz

Original & Best

13th June 2021

A. What year saw the retirement of Provost Brand?

B. When the Episcopal Church of St. Anne was dedicated in 1890 which structure did it replace?

C. Where, traditionally, was the nearest Mile stane to oor toon's centre, bearing in mind a Lang Scots Mile was nearer 2000 yards?

D. Which bungalow on the then New Road (Countess Road) was called "Craigavon"?

E. Who ran the Savoia Cafe?

Daly's Corner Quiz

Original & Best

13th May 2021

A. What was the profession of Joseph Bard Esq. in mid-eighteenth-century Dunbar?

a) Ropemaker.

B. When were the Bowmont Tennis Courts on the East Links opened?

a) Around 1900.

C. Where are the lands of Longcroft?

a) Farmed as a 'Market Garden' by Sholto Millar, from WW2 through to the ‘60s, this pocket of land was embraced by Latch Park, Lochend, Harestanes and Underedge (of which some of the latter was utilised) and the Main Railway Line. The aforementioned ground has been developed since the year 2000, creating housing schemes at Salisbury Walk and Bothwell and Retreat Gardens.

D. Which building was described as "Elaborately half-timbered, pargetted and red-tiled?

a) The former Yorke House/Lodge, dating from around 1900 and onetime Cottage Hospital (from 1927). It was monogrammed JHB after John Hutchison Bowe, a potato merchant in Dunbar, b. 13th June 1829, d. 28th October 1900. 12 Bowmont Terrace is similarly monogrammed.

E. Who was the architect for the Edinburgh Road Corporation Houses (Boroughdales) with work starting in 1924/5?

a) George Simpson of Edinburgh.