Saving Dunbar's History
We have set up this website to give a comprehensive view of the history that lay in Dunbar. Although much of the history has already been destroyed we wish to try and conserve what we do have left. We aim to do this by making people aware of how much history has already been destroyed and allow people to see for themselves just how much history Dunbar has and lost. Hopefully people will recognise what a treasure chest Dunbar really is and will want to help us stop any more destruction to our history.





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This is how Lochend House once looked in its day of splendour. The house is situated at Lochend Woods. From a painting,
 pinxit 1871 (from memory), by the present Third Baron Bruntisfield's great-great-aunt, Julia Jane Jemima Maitland Warrender.
(T.T. Bisset courtesy of Rob)

This picture shows what became of Lochend House after the great fire.
Photograph by T.T. Bisset. A friend and Tom's brother John are the 2 gentlemen on the slope of the prominence. (1898)
This is all that remains of that once splendid house at Lochend. Through a little care
 and attention this building could have remained as beautiful as it once stood. This is
 just one example of how a part of Dunbar's history has been neglected. Hopefully, 
by this example, you can see for yourselves that Dunbar's history is being waylaid.

Lord John Sangster's Touring Summer Circus 1901

Craigs' of Craig-En-Gelt omnibus outing 1917 (Contemporised by J.A Callow)
(C. Ballantyne, babe-in-arms back row)

The above couple are brother and sister, Willie (1862-16/04/1956) and Helen (1861-1932) McNie,

 pictured at Raeburn's/Harley's Close, 137 High Street c1895. Willie was a watchmaker.

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