History 2  1179-1856

This second section of our history pages, subsequent to Home (History 1), will "run"   chronologically, looking backwards,from those heady Victorian times, post Crimean War to time and immemorial. An arbitrary (but convenient time for ourselves just after the first crusade and a fine dividing point) date immediately prior to the reign of Richard I (Coeur de Lion) in England and mid-way through William (The Lion) period as king north of the ever-changing border. Featuring the development, vicissitudes, and anecdotes from the vestiges of Barre's fort to the shaping of a royal Burgh in mid-Victorian times.

Also included will be battles both on land and at sea, attacks, sieges and all manner of events which helped shape the landscape both fundamentally and metaphorically of our quite historic town.

This category His2 will succeed our homepages which run the various archaeologically periods and excavations from Mesolithic through to Anglian times. Then historically through what one describe as the early Medieval period to the arrival of the Cospatricks, Earls of Northumberland in 1072. They were to become, within a century, with Patrick, Earls of Dunbar.

We will rely quite heavily on Charles E Green (1907) history, Miller's History (published appositely in the late 1850s) as our historical references but other authoritative and authentic material will be utilised when and as necessary. Where there might be a conflicting and somewhat different view - remembering history is generally the victors' view point - we will feature when possible alternative accounts and comptrollers' observations.

There may seem to be an historical overlap chronologically with some data and it may seem foolish to open His2 before Home (His1) is complete. However information can only be committed to the website when and as it is made available. More details, for example, on Dryburn Bridge (Bronze Age site) will soon be acquired.

At a future date, tentatively in mid-2011, His3 - from 1857--2010-could appear on the navigation board and this will feature, history from an unequivocal standpoint, form post Crimean-times to the present day. 

( R Weatherhead) 

                                            Comptrollers- Note 

Once again we are indebted to our former Principal Science teacher

Rennie Weatherhead for the information and photographs succeeding

this footnote.  Mr Weatherhead seems to be able to visualise both the

seaward & more importantly the landward perspectives of his desired

subjects and somehow shed light spiritually, physically & metaphorically on them. Even though they seem to be lost in the mists of time in a bygone era.